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For some, especially first time buyers, financing a vehicle can seem daunting. But the tenured team of auto finance experts at Cornerstone Auto are here to help you! For our team, car finance is a natural part of assisting our customers in the best ways we possibly can. That means we work hard to find you a great auto rate, all while keeping you informed during the process. No matter what your monthly budget is, or your level of experience in auto finance, we offer a wide selection of financing options and other financial services for Monticello area residents and beyond. Keep reading to learn more about our finance team, or contact us to ask your questions for more finance information!

Vehicle Finance: Buying vs. Leasing

For many Ramsey and Coon Rapids drivers, the number one question on their mind is whether buying or leasing a vehicle is the right choice for them. One option isn’t necessarily better than the other in an all-around sense, but depending on your financial situation and vehicle needs, you may decide one is clearly more apt to your situation. Here’s some perks of both Leasing and Financing:

Perks Of Financing: 

  • Once you finish paying off the loan, you have total ownership of the vehicle and customize it however you’d like.
  • There are no mileage limits.
  • You have the ability to sell the car.

Perks Of Leasing: 

  • Drivers can easily upgrade to a new car every few years and access the latest automotive technologies
  • Little to no down payment.
  • Lower monthly payments

Online Finance Tools and More!

When searching for finance information on new or used vehicles it’s important to keep in mind that the team at Cornerstone Auto provides you with a host of tools and resources to help you during the new or used car buying process. Check them out below!

Car Finance Deals in Elk River!

Here at Cornerstone Auto, we understand that no two people’s financial situations are exactly alike, that’s why we work hard to maintain a friendly and hard working relationship with all types of folks from all walks of life! We’re just a short trip from Anoka and Big Lake, so why not take a trip down to our lot for a friendly discussion about automotive finance?

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