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The weather can be unpredictable in Monticello, MN, and as the temperatures drop, you might wonder, “Should I try winter truck tires or car tires this season?” The answer depends on several factors. In this guide, our service department will walk you through the key differences between winter tires vs. all-season tires to see which is the best option for your Anoka, MN travels.


Benefits of All Season Tires

You can use all-season tires around Ramsey, MN for their well-rounded performance across the year. These tires are generalists, and they perform the best during mild conditions. A good set of all-season tires will handle everything from drizzle to light snow to dry roads with ease, but more intense conditions can diminish performance. If you deal with extreme heat and cold, you might find that you need more specialized tires to get the best traction and control possible.

  • Pros: Good fuel economy, long tread life, comfortable ride, adaptable to most weather conditions
  • Cons: Diminished performance in extreme weather conditions

Benefits of Winter Tires

There’s nothing better than a good set of winter tires when it comes to icy conditions and snowy roads. While all-season tires are like a set of sneakers, winter tires are like a set of snow boots. These models include flexible rubber that won’t freeze and stiffen, tread patterns that keep snow and moisture at bay, and biting edges that boost traction and handling while you’re heading to your favorite ice-fishing spot. While some drivers don’t want to invest in two sets of tires for the year, those with severe winter weather will see a clear benefit.

  • Pros: Built for winter weather, boosted handling, optimized tread, biting edges and high sipe densities, freeze-proof materials
  • Cons: Diminished fuel economy in extreme weather conditions

Find Your Next Set at Cornerstone Auto

Whether you need winter truck tires or summer tires for your sedan, visit us in Elk River to find just the right set for your needs. We can walk you through the differences between winter tires vs. all-season tires for your particular vehicle and help you pick out a perfect match. Contact us today!

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