How to Prepare Your Home for an Electric Vehicle

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Electric vehicles have become very popular around Elk River because they reduce your carbon footprint and have lower maintenance costs than standard gasoline cars — but you do need to know how to prepare your home for an electric vehicle. You must be sure that your garage is ready to charge it. Take a look at the steps below to prepare your garage for an electric vehicle charging station, and if you have questions, reach out to us at Cornerstone Auto.



1. Decide on a Type of Electric Vehicle Charging Station (AKA Charging Level)

If you haven’t yet researched the types of EV chargers, now is a good time. Most electric vehicle home chargers around Monticello, MN are either Level 1 or Level 2. Here’s the difference

  • Level 1 electric vehicle charging stations take days to fully charge your electric car.
  • Level 2 electric vehicle charging stations often take only a few hours to charge an electric car fully. You can get between 60-200 miles of range in only about 30 minutes with Level 2 DC charging.

Most people around Elk River like to combine daytime “top-off” of Level 1 charging with overnight charging.

2. Make Room in Your Garage

If you haven’t cleaned or organized your Anoka, MN garage in a long time, you had better get busy! Clear out all that clutter to make room for your electric vehicle charging station. Then you can avoid the last-minute scramble of where to put your electric vehicle charging batteries.

3. Locate Your Power Panel & Assess Consumption

Your home power panel distributes electricity throughout your home and garage. It needs to be rated for the maximum amount of current flow (measured in Amperes). Most modern homes come with a 100 Amp power panel but look for the amperage rating printed on your main circuit breaker. Then, pull out your old electric bills to see how much energy you consistently use on average in your household per month to ensure you won’t overload your electric distribution panel.

4. Hire an Electrician to Install Your Electric Vehicle Home Charger

Next, call some electricians to get quotes on installing your electric vehicle home charger. Chat about any concerns regarding your power consumption and adding an electric vehicle charging station. They may suggest installing a dedicated 240-volt plug or adding a hardwired circuit back to the power panel. It will likely cost a few hundred dollars but could be as much as $3,000 if your power panel is insufficient and needs upgrading. The installation company may be able to order your electric vehicle charging station for you, or you might have to order it yourself. Choose the quote you like best and have them install your new EV charger.

Shop For an Electric Vehicle at Cornerstone Auto Today!

Do you have additional questions or concerns about how to prepare your home for an electric vehicle or electric vehicle charging batteries? If so, reach out to the team at Cornerstone Auto near Ramsey, MN. Feel free to browse our EV inventory online or at the dealership, and check out our new vehicle specials! You can also apply for financing online. We’re here to help!


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