Xcel Energy EV – Electric Vehicle Charging at Home

Charging your electric vehicle (EV) at home is convenient, and it just got even easier. With EV Accelerate At Home, you can save on charging with a Level 2 charger, and we’ll do all the work to set you up.

  • You select a Level 2 charger from one of our two pre-qualified options
  • We install your charger in under 4 weeks and maintain it
  • You save with an off-peak charging schedule

Program Requirements:

  • Drive an electric vehicle (all-electric or plug-in hybrid)
  • Live in a residence that receives electric service from Xcel Energy in Minnesota
  • Have access to Wi-Fi at the charging location
  • Purchase an eligible Level 2 charger and/or install wiring to support an eligible Level 2 charger


Enroll in EV Program

Your home may require additional 240-volt circuit wiring that is not included in the charger installation or price of the program and is unique to each home. Our qualified electricians can perform this work for you at the time of installation and will provide you a quote prior to that work. Use our online tool to help estimate potential costs for additional wiring. A qualified electrician from Xcel Energy’s trusted network will contact you within 2 business days of enrollment confirmation to schedule the installation of your new charger. If adding a new electric service and meter, the current wait time is 6 weeks.

Since your charger will be Wi-Fi enabled, please confirm that the installation location has Wi-Fi access. If signal strength in this location is below 3 bars, you may need to install a Wi-Fi booster before the electrician arrives to install the charger. Be sure to have your Wi-Fi password available for connecting the charger during installation.

Table of Payment Options

Rent the Charger from Xcel Buy the charger from Xcel
Monthly Payment $16.48* $6.68*
Upfront Payment $0 $770*
Warranty Xcel Unlimited, Lifetime Warranty Standard 3-year manufacture warranty
Included in monthly payment -Charger
-Charger set-up and hardwiring
-Data/Service Fees
-Xcel Unlimited maintenance as long as you participate
Included in Upfront Payment N/A -Charger
-Charger set-up and wiring
Not Included in Program 240-volt circuit wiring from panel to charger location 240-volt circuit wiring from panel to charger location


With either option, you’ll have access to electricity pricing that can save you money on charging. Your Level 2 charger will be programmed to charge only during off-peak hours, between midnight and 6 a.m. everyday. Your EV will automatically charge during the lowest cost time period, but you can always charge during other times if you need to.

  • If you choose to buy the charger from us, you must pay the upfront payment prior to charger installation.
  • Fuel cost charges, resource adjustments and local taxes and fees are not included in the monthly or upfront prices and will be applied upon billing.
  • Details about cancellation options and costs are found in FAQ.
    pricing options graph

Off-Peak Savings Explained

Overnight, off-peak hours are between midnight and 6 a.m. for your EV. Your home’s energy use will continue to be billed at its current rate.

You can select from either the ChargePoint Home Flex or Enel X JuiceBox. Both chargers are ENERGY STAR®-certified and UL Listed for safety. All chargers in the program must be hardwired to a 240-volt circuit. If you have a ChargePoint Home or Enel X JuiceBox charger that was purchased prior to Dec. 16, 2020, you may be able to participate in this program with that charger. Please email Xcel instead of enrolling online.

Table of EV Chargers

ChargePoint Home Flex

Enel X Juice Box

Connection Hardwired Hardwired
Capacity 50 Amps, 12kW maximum 40 Amps, 9.6 kW maximum
Cord Length 23 Feet Cord 25 Feet Cord
Plug Type J1772 J1772
Connection Wi-Fi Enabled Wi-Fi Enabled
*Tesla owners will need an adapter.
*Xcel Energy does not endorse one EV charger over the other.
* Due to a new code enforcement in Minnesota, ChargePoint customers are required to install a 70-amp circuit. Please consult your electrician prior to wiring installation.
* Due to current market conditions, inventory of chargers is low and you may encounter delays in scheduling and having your charger installed over the 4 week timeline. We are doing our best to work with manufacturers to secure charging stations.