Xcel Energy EV Network Gold and Silver Dealer Status

The Excel Energy EV Network is a collection of dealers in several states that offer a wide variety of fully electric vehicles. These dealers are exceptionally knowledgeable regarding EV selection and ownership— and Cornerstone Auto is proud to announce that our Chrysler store is the prestigious Xcel Energy EV Network Gold Dealer status recipient! In addition, our Kia, Chevrolet, and Ford stores received Silver Dealer honors!



Only one dealer of each brand receives the Gold Dealer designation, so this is an honor and huge news for the Cornerstone Auto network and our loyal customers. Dealers in the Xcel Energy EV Network are qualified for the following:

  • Helping consumers navigate the transition to an EV hybrid plug-in vehicle
  • Assisting new owners in choosing the EV that’s right for them
  • Allowing customers to explore Excel Energy programs that provide quick charging stations, rebates, and other special incentives

Why Make the Switch to Electric?

Making the switch to an electric or hybrid model mode vehicle provides consumers with multiple advantages. One of the primary financial benefits includes obtaining tax credits or other rebates potentially worth up to $7,500 through a federal incentive program.

Combining your tax credits with the substantial savings obtained from avoiding the constant strain on your budget from constant fuel costs, an EV pays for itself within a short period. Now that Cornerstone Auto has Gold and Silver Dealer status, our customers in the Monticello, MN, Anoka, MN, and Ramsey, MN areas can save even more money by purchasing an EV or hybrid at one of our stores.

What Our Gold and Silver Status Means for Cornerstone Auto Customers

When you become a part of the Cornerstone Auto family by purchasing a new EV or hybrid-model vehicle, you can save beyond the standard benefits of making the electric transition if you’re an Xcel Energy consumer.

The Gold and Silver Dealer status is reserved for stores that are the most experienced and EV-focused dealers on the network. Because of our participation, we can provide Xcel Energy customers with an additional $2,500 to $7,500 in savings on top of the federal program incentives!

In addition to these incredible savings, we can also provide a free in-home charger for your new electric vehicle. Let’s recap what our Gold and Silver status means for our Xcel Energy customers who purchase a new EV or hybrid model:

  • The potential for an additional $2,500 to $7,500 in savings separate from the federal tax credit
  • A FREE in-home charging unit for our new electric or plug-in hybrid
  • Top-notch support and direction to help you navigate the incentive programs and transition to your new EV

Make the EV Transition With Cornerstone Auto

If you’re in the Anoka, MN or Ramsey, MN areas and subscribe to Excel Energy, make the transition to an EV or hybrid with Cornerstone Auto. The savings and credits allow you to reap the benefits of huge savings through unique incentive programs.

Combine these benefits with our low-interest financing, and you’ve got access to unheard-of purchase savings for your new EV or hybrid vehicle. If you have any questions regarding any of these programs or incentives, or general inquiries, we invite you to stop by in person or contact a member of our knowledgeable sales staff.


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