How Often Should You Rotate Your Tires?

How often should you rotate your tires? Although the exact answer will depend on how you drive, most of our Elk River and Monticello neighbors will want to rotate their tires every 5,000 miles! A careful driver can push their tire rotation interval out to 7,500 miles but remember: Regular tire rotations help to maximize the value of your tires, and it also ensures better performance. Get more info on tire rotations, including learning how often should you rotate tires on an AWD vehicle with Cornerstone Auto!

When to Rotate Tires: Consider Your Drivetrain

No two vehicles are exactly alike, and no two drivers are either. If you really want to know when to rotate tires, you’ll need to consider your vehicle’s drivetrain:

  • Front-wheel drive or rear-wheel drive: Since only two tires are receiving power, you can go a longer time between rotations. Stick to the guideline identified above.
  • All-wheel drive or four-wheel drive: How often should you rotate tires on an AWD vehicle? You’ll want to schedule service between 3,000 and 5,000 miles for the best results.
  • It never hurts to check your owner’s manual. Still not sure how many miles to rotate tires for? Ask an expert at our service center for their recommendation! If you often go off-road or engage in heavy towing, you’ll want to have them rotated more often.

How Often to Rotate Tires & Treadwear

So, how often should you rotate your tires in reality? Some drivers may want to look at their treads. If you notice a significant difference in tread depth between your front and rear tires or your left and right tires, it’s definitely time for a change. Look for differences of more than 2/32 of an inch.

DIY Tire Rotations

When you schedule tire service with the Cornerstone Auto, we’ll handle the whole process. However, if you’ve ever tried to figure out when to rotate tires at home, it’s important to see all the steps laid out:

  • All Vehicles- In all tire rotations, the front tires move to the rear, while the rear tires move up front.
  • Front-Wheel Drive- If you have a front-wheel drive car, you’ll also need to flip the back tires when you’re moving them up front. So, the rear left tire goes to the front right position, and vice versa.
  • Rear Wheel Drive- If you have a rear-wheel drive car, do just the opposite. Swap the front tires left for right as you move them to the rear of the vehicle.
  • All-Wheel Drive- AWD systems can vary in significant ways, so your car may have a unique rotation pattern. Check with the experts or review your owner’s manual.

Tire Rotation Tips: Why Should You Rotate Tires?

Just about everyone knows that the main purpose of tire rotation is to extend the lifespan of your tires. However, now that you’ve answered the question, “How often should you rotate your tires,” you might be wondering if it’s really worth it. Yes, it is! Regular tire rotations offer tangible benefits! Here’s what you can expect:

  • Rotating tires improves your traction on slippery roads, since the tires with less tread wear will be in control.
  • Moving worn down tires away from the drivetrain can help to reduce noise on the road. It will also limit any shaking that you experience behind the wheel, and it will lower the risk that you’ll have to change a flat tire out on the roads near Plymouth.
  • Running on worn-down tires places a lot of stress on your drivetrain and suspension. It may even lead to lasting damage.

Remember, even if you know exactly how many miles to rotate tires for, you’re going to need a new set eventually. When that day comes, visit your local Cornerstone parts department and tire store!

Schedule Tire Service with the Cornerstone Auto

If you’re ready to secure your next tire rotation, or needing to switch between seasonal tires, schedule tire service with your local Cornerstone service center today! While you’re in our shop, we can fill you in on other important maintenance topics, like how often to change your oil or how to tell if you need new brakes!

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